Monday, March 31, 2014

Indonesian Primary Goal Cyber ​​Attacks

Trends in the use of mobile and internet in Indonesia , turned out to be a gap for hackers to make the world's number one target in the event of cyber attacks .

Only, this time is different attacks . When China attacked directly , Indonesia is only used as an intermediary in cyber attacks this time . This means that foreign hackers use IP address only Indonesian to attack elsewhere . (see also: situs download film gratis)

Yudi Mashudi Hamka , President Director of PT Dimension Data Indonesia says Indonesia is often positioned as the only bridge of cyber attacks are carried out by foreign hackers .

" It makes as if Indonesia made the attack . This incident is known as a botnet IP ( internet robot ) . It is important for corporates , including banks , " he said in a statement received Okezone , Monday ( 31/03/2014 ) .

According to company executives and service provider of IT infrastructure solutions operating in more than 50 countries , the increase in cyber threats that occurs because Internet users in Indonesia is still less educated .

Users underestimate the risk of cyber attacks by downloading things from the internet even less credible sources with various types of attacks lurk .

Targeting Banks
For corporates it is becoming important as banks, because this is an issue not only operational but has a reputation problem . Though the bank 's reputation is fundamental in building a business .

Generally banks in Indonesia already have the knowledge to equip them with the tools of network security such as firewalls , anti- virus , patch management , and others . However, the network security is not quite overcome by the use of any tools . Banks should have a process that could lead to auto turn off these tools .
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This process is also useful to detect new development and prevention of attacks . In addition , banks need to consider factors such as human resources or employee users . Often occurring mutation employees but not followed by a change in the employee access .


Friday, March 14, 2014

Almost 7 tons of smuggled pangolin

Tanjung Priok Customs foiled a smuggling container containing 7 tons of meat and pangolin scales to Vietnam . It is estimated that the country loses up to Rp 8 billion due to smuggling .
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Head of the Main Office of the Tanjung Priok Rahmat Subagyo , Thursday ( 26/05/2011 ) , said the case came to light after it found irregularities in the company containers SJBM which is located in Jakarta when examined with X-rays on Monday .

Although based on the shipping documents that the container was reported to contain frozen fish , after the container unloaded , found 309 cartons each containing 10 pangolin without scales , with a total weight of 7453.08 pounds or about 7.4 tons , and four cartons containing 64.6 kilograms of pangolin scales . The boxes are arranged behind a pile of 749 cartons of frozen fish weighing a total of 14.9 tons .

Rahmat said , pangolin meat and scales were expected to be traded in Asian markets . Each kilogram of meat that could reach 112 U.S. dollars per chip and scales can reach 1 U.S. dollar .

Furthermore, Grace said , the owner of PT SJBM as pangolin meat exporters were responsible for this case . The company can be charged under Law No. 5 of 1990 on Conservation of Natural Resources and Law No. 10 Year 1995 on Customs because the information contained in the document was a fake exports .
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Director of Conservation of the Ministry of Forestry Novianto Bambang said , smuggling pangolin meat that violates Indonesian biodiversity conservation . Therefore , the pangolin Manis javanica has the Latin name of this include the protected animals in the world and in the list of Appendix 1 or nearly extinct .


Friday, March 7, 2014

Banana fruit and benefits to be gained

Banana fruit is the fruit arranged in menjari also called comb. On fruit skin color is mostly yellow when ripe, there is also a green color when ripe. In addition to green and yellow, the color of the other bananas are there that are red, orange, purple and some are almost black in color. The fruit has a sweet and sour taste and a lot of content that are beneficial to the body and many are also the types.
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Habitat Bananas
To place a banana habitat is very easy and can grow anywhere. Banana trees can be planted in the yard, on the banks of the river, or in the fields. This fruit we often encounter in these places, and in planting too easy. Places habitat often these are banana trees in the paddy fields or in fields. Therefore many people who prefer to plant and when the plant is already fruiting can be resold.

Types of Bananas
For other types of bananas is very diverse, which kepok banana yellow, white sour banana, plantain, banana milk, banana horns, bananas Ambon moss green, gold super banana, banana conjoined, daughter banana, banana jackfruit, banana yellow Ambon, rhino banana, banana goodies. Bananas are very much in demand by the public because it tastes so good.

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Musales
Family: Musaceae
Genus: Musa
M. acuminata
M. balbisiana
M. × paradisiaca (invalid)
M. sapientum (invalid)
Useful Benefits of Bananas for Health Body

Bananas have a lot of benefits that are very useful for our body. Here are some of the Benefits of Bananas:

Useful to treat stomach ulcers,
Can be used for a mask that is used to treat acne,
Bananas can also be used to improve mood,
Helpful to soften the face and can treat burns,
Able to carry oxygen to the brain,
To expedite the process of defecation,
This fruit can also reduce pain during menstruation,
Treat itching caused by mosquito bites,
May also increase the body's immunity or immune,
Can also to treat high blood pressure,
Able to prevent heart disease,
Help overcome anemia,
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Help to the diet
Besides bananas also beneficial for pregnant women because it contains high levels of folic acid and essential to the health and development of your children.