Tuesday, May 27, 2014

TNI Denies There privilege Activists Actors Kidnappers

Chief Maj. Gen. TNI Information Center M Fouad Basha has vehemently denied accusations that the military states to give privileges to the members of the Special Forces involved in the kidnapping of activists .

Fuad said , every member of the military who are proven guilty will be tried in military court . Later , the members will be punished in accordance with what they have done .
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" Yes enggaklah , just to keep in mind that any member who has gone through the process of military justice , they will be punished in accordance with the action taken , " said Fuad to Kompas.com , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) .

Fuad statement responding to posts Made Surpriatna research results , the researcher and freelance journalist . In an article entitled "The Track Team Rose" which was published in the daily site Indoprogress , Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) , Made to write the existence of privilege .

Fuad added that a number of names such as Julius Selvanus , Nugroho Budi Sulistyo , Dada Hendra Yuda , and Fauka Farid Noor , is still rank Lieutenant Colonel .

According to Fuad , career hampered because they have to serve the sentence imposed Military Court .

" I have a check before, they were still held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel . Still on the commander ( military commander ) , while their friends are already on the colonel , " he said .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Had Admitted JK Prohibit Jokowi "Nyapres"

Jokowi vice presidential candidate , Jusuf Kalla , said he had banned Jokowi to run as a presidential candidate (candidates ) . The ban was made when the newly inaugurated two months Jokowi become Governor of Jakarta .

" That statement 1.5 years ago , when the new governor was sworn in two months . 's Been two years now , and has seen his ability , " said Golkar Party politician friendship after attending a forum of scholars and tasyakuran CLA victory in Surabaya East Java , on Sunday ( 25 / 5/2014 ) afternoon .

At that time , said JK , Jokowi rumored it will be used as a candidate by the PDI - P . But because there are still two months of serving governor , JK assume Jokowi not deserve . " But for two years , Jokowi be able to demonstrate leadership qualities , so no harm is now running for President , " he added .
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JK had also previously claimed curious Jokowi , which had been the object of preaching as the chief areas that are considered good . Therefore , JK had sent messengers to Solo to find out more in the background of his family . " Family Jokowi devout Muslim , and I believe also the NU , " he said .

JK increasingly convinced when he became the congregational prayer congregation diimami Jokowi . According to JK , Jokowi read Koran verses long . It was , according to JK , show quality Jokowi religious knowledge . " It also proves that the issue of non - Muslim Jokowi not true , " he stressed .

In the forum , Chairman of the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) Muhaimin Iskandar was also introduced to the masses JK PKB . Muhaimin call JK not new at NU . JK noted as Mustasyar Board of NU .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Sd boy caught Stealing Motorcycles

An elementary school boy daring to steal a motorcycle at Grand Depok City Housing Complex , Depok . Once caught , MR ( 11 ) 6th grade boy , a resident of Pondok Rajeg , Cibinong was crying .

Incident began when MR goes into a complex with two other friends using Revo Honda motorcycle . They intend to take a motorcycle belonging to residents in Sector Bed F3 , Grand Depok City .

One resident , watched the boys action and report it to local security officials . MR two friends managed to escape, but the intruders arrested .
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" The perpetrator was a kid , when he caught ( MR ) claimed to want to play with a friend he said , finally admitted also caught . Friend - his larger SMP seems , already blurred , " said guard Complex , Wahyudi , Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) .

Wahyudi added when caught part snobs have successfully stripped the motor using a wrench. When escorted to the security office , MR cry louder.

" His name is children - children crying merely daritadi , so we call her parents , " he said .

MR of hands seized motorcycle quasi estimated at R1 million . However, according to the agreement of citizens and police from the police Sukmajaya , MR and his parents made ​​a statement and did not proceed to the legal process .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This artisan Roving Indonesian Fried Rice-by Support Jokowi

Ibn Yusuf , a builder fried rice , proud and supportive Joko Widodo became a presidential candidate . As a form of support to the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle , he toured Indonesia with his motorcycle .

Ibn volunteer with PDI - P Jakarta. He said he did not get financial support from the PDI - P Bekasi . However , the money is there , he still start traveling around Indonesia .

" I had to submit a proposal through the DPC and DPP Bekasi City Center . However , the party funds already allocated for other things . It must be what 's more, the provisions of the party are like that . Sincere why I am doing this for Jokowi , " Ibnu said when contacted on Thursday ( 05.22.2014 ) .
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According to Ibn , he just wants to follow the likes Jokowi blusukan and merupak simple figure . " Jokowi blusukan , I've traveled around Indonesia , Jokowi simple person , I just do touring is armed with determination without adequate facilities . I just wanted to prove that the people are the owners of the republic, " he said .

PDI - P secretary Bekasi , Tumai , said highly appreciated Ibn action taken . He claimed to have communicated with the PDI - P center on this . However , because of the many programs that need to be done , the party has not been able to help financially . It only gives moral support and also help drive Ibn through the DPP and the DPC to be visited by Ibn throughout Indonesia .

" It is a touching thing and got appreciation from the PDI - P as a whole . Though not financially , we provide a certificate of road that will be used during the trip Ibn DPC or by visiting the DPP passed , " said Tumai .

Ibn started its journey since Sunday ( 05/18/2014 ) . He will roam 36 provinces in Indonesia and visit the PDI - P 's office in each province .

The route , after passing through Jakarta , Ibn towards Sumatra to Aceh . By using the sea route , Ibn will then head proceeded to Bangka and Borneo .

After Borneo , then Ibn exploring Sulawesi , Irian Jaya , Papua , Nusa Tenggara , Bali , back again to the island of Java . After that , he will return to the office of the PDI - P 's Central Jakarta .

Currently , he claimed to be in Palembang . The target, the entire trip will be taken within 60 days , with 46 days by land and sea lanes of 14 days .

On the way , Ibn will distribute leaflets asking all Indonesian people to help support Jokowi . To complete the journey , Ibn also ask for prayers for all Indonesian people .

" I beg your prayers , hopefully I can get home safely and successfully carrying Jokowi become the next president of Indonesia , " he said .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Red Carpet Towards Jokowi-JK Palace

The red carpet was held in front of JS Luwansa Ballroom , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 20/5 ) . A number of important figures , was present there . However , that's not the only reason for the lobby at the hotel special. For today's story in the red bernuanasa .

PDI-P held a national coordination meeting ( National Coordination Meeting ) internal to winning the presidential election of 2014. Pair of candidates Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) and Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) officially nominated as a candidate country's leaders ahead period 2014-2019 .

In the present activities of two former state officials . Namely Megawati Sukarnoputri ( President 2001-2004) and Jusuf Kalla ( Vice President 2004-2009 ) . Two figures in the previous election kontetasi never competed , alongside the road now .

Although filled with hundreds of red coats , there are some people who bring their own colors . Among others , Chairman Surya Paloh Nasdem with white shirt , and Hanura Chairman Wiranto . Both , a coalition partner who will win Jokowi - JK .

PDI-P secretary general Tjahjo Kumolo said , the rest of the month will be optimized for a winning strategy . The concept is simple enough to be offered , which is in contact with the public , there is no mass movement campaign .

" So later Jokowi itself around Indonesia , JK also visited the society of this country , and the chairman was also working at their posts , " said Tjahjo told Reuters on the sidelines of the meeting.

Wasekjen PDI Hasto Kritiyanto added , coalition partner parties of course have their own mass base . They will also move in the corridor . Such as the National Awakening Party ( PKB ), which strengthens the NU group .

Wednesday ( 21/5 ) , he said , the PDI-P will hold coordination meetings with other third parties , such as Nasdem , PKB and Hanura . There needs to synchronize the running program this victory , because it is time - JK Jokowi bearers of political parties running in one direction .

Coordination Meeting held at Hotel JS Luwansa , Kuningan , South Jakarta, was attended by all of the Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council ( DPD ) Level I PDI-P . As well as all functionaries and all the regional head of the party .

Jusuf Kalla added , expect no support from the Golkar Party cadres and sympathizers . It was considered better than to vote against another candidate who is not a Golkar .

" While I am as a person NU hopes prayer and support from the Nahdiyin , " he said before leaving the meeting .


Sunday, May 18, 2014

CT: Today's New So my wife HQ

Coordinating Minister for the Economy Chairul Tanjung ready to carry out their duties for the next five months . Chairman of the National Economic Committee could give her as a mother predicate officials .

" Today is my wife 's mother incipient officials , " said Chairul at handover event coordinating minister of the economy, in the office of the Ministry of Economy , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

Chairul Tanjung un claimed never imagined that he would be serving as state officials . Nevertheless Chairul ready to carry out his duties as a minister .
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" A week ago never imagined standing here , I never thought much less a minister coordinating minister for the economy , " said Chairul .

CT Corp 's former boss admitted he was surprised when notified will replace Hatta Rajasa . But because Chairul understand Hatta want to move forward as a state leader , he was ready to take over the task .

" Why do not you after registration ( Hatta Rajasa backwards ) , the rules he had to resign , something I never imagined so official state children , " said Chairul .

Meanwhile , Hatta, who resigned to become vice president , said he would feel lost in the Ministry for the environment . " I will always miss you and all my friends , " said Hatta .

Hatta also like to thank all those who have helped him during this work . " I love you all , " he said .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

ICW: Abraham Samad Not Doubtful Integrity

Indonesian Corruption Watch ( ICW ) rate , the integrity of the Corruption Eradication Commission chairman Abraham Samad doubt . Abraham is considered as a clean leader because of its commitment in fighting corruption .

" He ( Abraham ) also had no past related to corruption , " said researcher ICW , Ade Irawan , in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) , as quoted by Reuters , addressing Abraham discourse become candidates for vice president Ricardo Widodo aka Jokowi .

Although Abraham is now public attention , Ade argues , quite the opposite Abraham contribute in terms of fighting corruption . However , when Abraham advanced to vice , he said it did not matter because every citizen has the right to elect and be elected by the law .
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Abraham 's presence is expected to eradicate corruption firmly if it will be the leader of the country . If that path is taken , Abraham had to resign from the leadership of the Commission .

Political observers UIN Syarif Hidayatullah , Khalis Ridho , expressed no problem for Abraham to serve the country anywhere. What's more , if positioned as vice president , he will be a maximum of eradicating corruption .

" The integrity he had no doubt , " he added .

Former KPK leaders , Haryono Umar , do not mind if Abraham forward as a candidate for vice president . In fact , he will assess the positive implications .

" I think it's great because it will bring a clean government . Thus , the incoming executive , can directly fix from the inside , " said Haryono .

He questioned the notion that Abraham became vice president , political contaminated Commission . " Commission has such a system , does not depend solely on the person , " he said .


Friday, May 2, 2014

Surabaya City Declares For Literacy

Surabaya City Government declared the city of Surabaya as literacy in conjunction with the National Education Day and Day of the Autonomous Region in Solar Parks page on Friday .

Mayor of Surabaya , Tri Rismaharini , said the declaration is an expression of support for the theme of the Surabaya City Government Education Day 2014 the government brought " Civilisations Indonesia's Education for Excellence " .
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" Embodiment cities literacy also became part of my commitment to not only focus on building infrastructure , but also focus on the human development index in Surabaya , " he said .

According to him , over the past few years , Surabaya City Government has been encouraging children to diligently read in Surabaya by multiplying the library facilities and reading garden .

With a lot of reading , the children in Surabaya means have to equip themselves for the future and ready for a superior civilization .

" With a lot of reading , their curiosity will grow . From there it will eventually appear great creativity . Was that we push , " he said .

Appropriate experience reading garden where it turns impact on human development . Some children can be a champion and champions in other fields . Everything 's departure from the garden reading .


Heightened state budget , Australia may rumahkan 15 thousand civil servants

The Australian Government seems to be laying off at least 15 thousand civil servants as part of efforts to save the state budget . Other sectors that will be affected include the tightening of family allowances , and other benefits .

Of the recommendations of the Audit Commission over the state budget revealed Australian , unemployment benefits , health , education , retirement , and disability will also be subject to withholding .

Audit Commission report released this week also recommend removal and merging government agencies , 73 agencies of the federal government's primary seven of which will be removed , 35 will be combined , and the other 22 will be consolidated into existing departments , and 9 will be privatized institutions . 26 other government agencies still require further assessment .
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Since its inception in October last year , the Audit Committee focuses on 15 sectors of the federal government 's largest expenditure .

1,200 pages in length report , the Audit Commission issued 86 recommendations to encourage a thorough restructuring of the way the government do its job. The Commission said the move would be able to save hundreds of trillions of dollars per year and expected state budget surplus of 1 percent would return in fiscal year 2023-24 .

According to the Audit Commission Chairman Tony Shepherd , the best move for the Australian government is to "act now " .

" We have to manage the people's tax money as if it was our own money , " he said , " We must spend it carefully ."
Prime Minister Tony Abbott Government Response to this recommendation will be seen in pengajukan upcoming Budget on 13 May .