Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Nvidia Reveals New Graphics Card GTX Titan Z

Nvidia Reveals New Graphics Card GTX Titan Z

Nvidia , the graphics card manufacturers reveal the presence of Z. Titan GTX Hardware was performed with high-end specifications are able to devour a wide variety of the latest 3D PC games .

Reported by Vr - zone , Thursday ( 05/29/2014 ) , in the end Nvidia GTX graphics card launched Titan Z that the rumors had been circulating since early this year . Company reveal the emergence of a new flagship device in the event the GPU Technology Conference .
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Titan Z is priced at U.S. $ 3,000 has 5,760 CUDA cores , 480 texture units , 96 render outputs and 12GB memory . Nvidia reveals, this product can push graphics runway eight TFLOPS performance .

With the sophistication of the graphics card , users can watch a game or a video display in a multi - monitor displays and 4K resolutions . Nvidia toughness Titan Z reveal in the video on YouTube .
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For those of you who are interested to buy a graphics card high-end , it may be worthwhile to consider in terms of price . AMD dual - core R9 295X2 which sold for U.S. $ 1,500 reportedly offers performance that is not inferior to the GTX Titan Z.