Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Nvidia Reveals New Graphics Card GTX Titan Z

Nvidia Reveals New Graphics Card GTX Titan Z

Nvidia , the graphics card manufacturers reveal the presence of Z. Titan GTX Hardware was performed with high-end specifications are able to devour a wide variety of the latest 3D PC games .

Reported by Vr - zone , Thursday ( 05/29/2014 ) , in the end Nvidia GTX graphics card launched Titan Z that the rumors had been circulating since early this year . Company reveal the emergence of a new flagship device in the event the GPU Technology Conference .
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Titan Z is priced at U.S. $ 3,000 has 5,760 CUDA cores , 480 texture units , 96 render outputs and 12GB memory . Nvidia reveals, this product can push graphics runway eight TFLOPS performance .

With the sophistication of the graphics card , users can watch a game or a video display in a multi - monitor displays and 4K resolutions . Nvidia toughness Titan Z reveal in the video on YouTube .
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For those of you who are interested to buy a graphics card high-end , it may be worthwhile to consider in terms of price . AMD dual - core R9 295X2 which sold for U.S. $ 1,500 reportedly offers performance that is not inferior to the GTX Titan Z.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

TNI Denies There privilege Activists Actors Kidnappers

Chief Maj. Gen. TNI Information Center M Fouad Basha has vehemently denied accusations that the military states to give privileges to the members of the Special Forces involved in the kidnapping of activists .

Fuad said , every member of the military who are proven guilty will be tried in military court . Later , the members will be punished in accordance with what they have done .
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" Yes enggaklah , just to keep in mind that any member who has gone through the process of military justice , they will be punished in accordance with the action taken , " said Fuad to , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) .

Fuad statement responding to posts Made Surpriatna research results , the researcher and freelance journalist . In an article entitled "The Track Team Rose" which was published in the daily site Indoprogress , Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) , Made to write the existence of privilege .

Fuad added that a number of names such as Julius Selvanus , Nugroho Budi Sulistyo , Dada Hendra Yuda , and Fauka Farid Noor , is still rank Lieutenant Colonel .

According to Fuad , career hampered because they have to serve the sentence imposed Military Court .

" I have a check before, they were still held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel . Still on the commander ( military commander ) , while their friends are already on the colonel , " he said .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Had Admitted JK Prohibit Jokowi "Nyapres"

Jokowi vice presidential candidate , Jusuf Kalla , said he had banned Jokowi to run as a presidential candidate (candidates ) . The ban was made when the newly inaugurated two months Jokowi become Governor of Jakarta .

" That statement 1.5 years ago , when the new governor was sworn in two months . 's Been two years now , and has seen his ability , " said Golkar Party politician friendship after attending a forum of scholars and tasyakuran CLA victory in Surabaya East Java , on Sunday ( 25 / 5/2014 ) afternoon .

At that time , said JK , Jokowi rumored it will be used as a candidate by the PDI - P . But because there are still two months of serving governor , JK assume Jokowi not deserve . " But for two years , Jokowi be able to demonstrate leadership qualities , so no harm is now running for President , " he added .
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JK had also previously claimed curious Jokowi , which had been the object of preaching as the chief areas that are considered good . Therefore , JK had sent messengers to Solo to find out more in the background of his family . " Family Jokowi devout Muslim , and I believe also the NU , " he said .

JK increasingly convinced when he became the congregational prayer congregation diimami Jokowi . According to JK , Jokowi read Koran verses long . It was , according to JK , show quality Jokowi religious knowledge . " It also proves that the issue of non - Muslim Jokowi not true , " he stressed .

In the forum , Chairman of the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) Muhaimin Iskandar was also introduced to the masses JK PKB . Muhaimin call JK not new at NU . JK noted as Mustasyar Board of NU .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Sd boy caught Stealing Motorcycles

An elementary school boy daring to steal a motorcycle at Grand Depok City Housing Complex , Depok . Once caught , MR ( 11 ) 6th grade boy , a resident of Pondok Rajeg , Cibinong was crying .

Incident began when MR goes into a complex with two other friends using Revo Honda motorcycle . They intend to take a motorcycle belonging to residents in Sector Bed F3 , Grand Depok City .

One resident , watched the boys action and report it to local security officials . MR two friends managed to escape, but the intruders arrested .
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" The perpetrator was a kid , when he caught ( MR ) claimed to want to play with a friend he said , finally admitted also caught . Friend - his larger SMP seems , already blurred , " said guard Complex , Wahyudi , Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) .

Wahyudi added when caught part snobs have successfully stripped the motor using a wrench. When escorted to the security office , MR cry louder.

" His name is children - children crying merely daritadi , so we call her parents , " he said .

MR of hands seized motorcycle quasi estimated at R1 million . However, according to the agreement of citizens and police from the police Sukmajaya , MR and his parents made ​​a statement and did not proceed to the legal process .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This artisan Roving Indonesian Fried Rice-by Support Jokowi

Ibn Yusuf , a builder fried rice , proud and supportive Joko Widodo became a presidential candidate . As a form of support to the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle , he toured Indonesia with his motorcycle .

Ibn volunteer with PDI - P Jakarta. He said he did not get financial support from the PDI - P Bekasi . However , the money is there , he still start traveling around Indonesia .

" I had to submit a proposal through the DPC and DPP Bekasi City Center . However , the party funds already allocated for other things . It must be what 's more, the provisions of the party are like that . Sincere why I am doing this for Jokowi , " Ibnu said when contacted on Thursday ( 05.22.2014 ) .
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According to Ibn , he just wants to follow the likes Jokowi blusukan and merupak simple figure . " Jokowi blusukan , I've traveled around Indonesia , Jokowi simple person , I just do touring is armed with determination without adequate facilities . I just wanted to prove that the people are the owners of the republic, " he said .

PDI - P secretary Bekasi , Tumai , said highly appreciated Ibn action taken . He claimed to have communicated with the PDI - P center on this . However , because of the many programs that need to be done , the party has not been able to help financially . It only gives moral support and also help drive Ibn through the DPP and the DPC to be visited by Ibn throughout Indonesia .

" It is a touching thing and got appreciation from the PDI - P as a whole . Though not financially , we provide a certificate of road that will be used during the trip Ibn DPC or by visiting the DPP passed , " said Tumai .

Ibn started its journey since Sunday ( 05/18/2014 ) . He will roam 36 provinces in Indonesia and visit the PDI - P 's office in each province .

The route , after passing through Jakarta , Ibn towards Sumatra to Aceh . By using the sea route , Ibn will then head proceeded to Bangka and Borneo .

After Borneo , then Ibn exploring Sulawesi , Irian Jaya , Papua , Nusa Tenggara , Bali , back again to the island of Java . After that , he will return to the office of the PDI - P 's Central Jakarta .

Currently , he claimed to be in Palembang . The target, the entire trip will be taken within 60 days , with 46 days by land and sea lanes of 14 days .

On the way , Ibn will distribute leaflets asking all Indonesian people to help support Jokowi . To complete the journey , Ibn also ask for prayers for all Indonesian people .

" I beg your prayers , hopefully I can get home safely and successfully carrying Jokowi become the next president of Indonesia , " he said .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Red Carpet Towards Jokowi-JK Palace

The red carpet was held in front of JS Luwansa Ballroom , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 20/5 ) . A number of important figures , was present there . However , that's not the only reason for the lobby at the hotel special. For today's story in the red bernuanasa .

PDI-P held a national coordination meeting ( National Coordination Meeting ) internal to winning the presidential election of 2014. Pair of candidates Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) and Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) officially nominated as a candidate country's leaders ahead period 2014-2019 .

In the present activities of two former state officials . Namely Megawati Sukarnoputri ( President 2001-2004) and Jusuf Kalla ( Vice President 2004-2009 ) . Two figures in the previous election kontetasi never competed , alongside the road now .

Although filled with hundreds of red coats , there are some people who bring their own colors . Among others , Chairman Surya Paloh Nasdem with white shirt , and Hanura Chairman Wiranto . Both , a coalition partner who will win Jokowi - JK .

PDI-P secretary general Tjahjo Kumolo said , the rest of the month will be optimized for a winning strategy . The concept is simple enough to be offered , which is in contact with the public , there is no mass movement campaign .

" So later Jokowi itself around Indonesia , JK also visited the society of this country , and the chairman was also working at their posts , " said Tjahjo told Reuters on the sidelines of the meeting.

Wasekjen PDI Hasto Kritiyanto added , coalition partner parties of course have their own mass base . They will also move in the corridor . Such as the National Awakening Party ( PKB ), which strengthens the NU group .

Wednesday ( 21/5 ) , he said , the PDI-P will hold coordination meetings with other third parties , such as Nasdem , PKB and Hanura . There needs to synchronize the running program this victory , because it is time - JK Jokowi bearers of political parties running in one direction .

Coordination Meeting held at Hotel JS Luwansa , Kuningan , South Jakarta, was attended by all of the Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council ( DPD ) Level I PDI-P . As well as all functionaries and all the regional head of the party .

Jusuf Kalla added , expect no support from the Golkar Party cadres and sympathizers . It was considered better than to vote against another candidate who is not a Golkar .

" While I am as a person NU hopes prayer and support from the Nahdiyin , " he said before leaving the meeting .


Sunday, May 18, 2014

CT: Today's New So my wife HQ

Coordinating Minister for the Economy Chairul Tanjung ready to carry out their duties for the next five months . Chairman of the National Economic Committee could give her as a mother predicate officials .

" Today is my wife 's mother incipient officials , " said Chairul at handover event coordinating minister of the economy, in the office of the Ministry of Economy , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

Chairul Tanjung un claimed never imagined that he would be serving as state officials . Nevertheless Chairul ready to carry out his duties as a minister .
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" A week ago never imagined standing here , I never thought much less a minister coordinating minister for the economy , " said Chairul .

CT Corp 's former boss admitted he was surprised when notified will replace Hatta Rajasa . But because Chairul understand Hatta want to move forward as a state leader , he was ready to take over the task .

" Why do not you after registration ( Hatta Rajasa backwards ) , the rules he had to resign , something I never imagined so official state children , " said Chairul .

Meanwhile , Hatta, who resigned to become vice president , said he would feel lost in the Ministry for the environment . " I will always miss you and all my friends , " said Hatta .

Hatta also like to thank all those who have helped him during this work . " I love you all , " he said .