Sunday, May 25, 2014

Had Admitted JK Prohibit Jokowi "Nyapres"

Jokowi vice presidential candidate , Jusuf Kalla , said he had banned Jokowi to run as a presidential candidate (candidates ) . The ban was made when the newly inaugurated two months Jokowi become Governor of Jakarta .

" That statement 1.5 years ago , when the new governor was sworn in two months . 's Been two years now , and has seen his ability , " said Golkar Party politician friendship after attending a forum of scholars and tasyakuran CLA victory in Surabaya East Java , on Sunday ( 25 / 5/2014 ) afternoon .

At that time , said JK , Jokowi rumored it will be used as a candidate by the PDI - P . But because there are still two months of serving governor , JK assume Jokowi not deserve . " But for two years , Jokowi be able to demonstrate leadership qualities , so no harm is now running for President , " he added .
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JK had also previously claimed curious Jokowi , which had been the object of preaching as the chief areas that are considered good . Therefore , JK had sent messengers to Solo to find out more in the background of his family . " Family Jokowi devout Muslim , and I believe also the NU , " he said .

JK increasingly convinced when he became the congregational prayer congregation diimami Jokowi . According to JK , Jokowi read Koran verses long . It was , according to JK , show quality Jokowi religious knowledge . " It also proves that the issue of non - Muslim Jokowi not true , " he stressed .

In the forum , Chairman of the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) Muhaimin Iskandar was also introduced to the masses JK PKB . Muhaimin call JK not new at NU . JK noted as Mustasyar Board of NU .


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