Friday, May 23, 2014

Sd boy caught Stealing Motorcycles

An elementary school boy daring to steal a motorcycle at Grand Depok City Housing Complex , Depok . Once caught , MR ( 11 ) 6th grade boy , a resident of Pondok Rajeg , Cibinong was crying .

Incident began when MR goes into a complex with two other friends using Revo Honda motorcycle . They intend to take a motorcycle belonging to residents in Sector Bed F3 , Grand Depok City .

One resident , watched the boys action and report it to local security officials . MR two friends managed to escape, but the intruders arrested .
( Read: ternak kroto youtube )

" The perpetrator was a kid , when he caught ( MR ) claimed to want to play with a friend he said , finally admitted also caught . Friend - his larger SMP seems , already blurred , " said guard Complex , Wahyudi , Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) .

Wahyudi added when caught part snobs have successfully stripped the motor using a wrench. When escorted to the security office , MR cry louder.

" His name is children - children crying merely daritadi , so we call her parents , " he said .

MR of hands seized motorcycle quasi estimated at R1 million . However, according to the agreement of citizens and police from the police Sukmajaya , MR and his parents made ​​a statement and did not proceed to the legal process .


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