Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The U.S. and Russia dialogue , Ambassador of Ukraine Thus Editor

There is something unique in common seminars Ukrainian Crisis and Its Influence in Southeast Asia today . It was submitted by the Dean of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences UI .

" Initially , we invite the Russians but the United States heard this, they ask to be invited , " said Dean of the Faculty of Culture Okezone UI , Adrianus Walaruntu in Depok , on Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) .

In addition to describing how this dialogue could be held . Adrian also explain explain why the role of the Ukrainian Ambassador Volodymyr Pakhil could come to this dialogue .
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According to Adrian , Volodymyr was invited . However , the presence of Ukrainian diplomatic representation is only as observers of the discussion .

Not only describes the history of the establishment of a dialogue that takes the theme of crisis Ukraine and Influence in Southeast Asia . Adrian also the purpose of this discussion .

According to him , this discussion is only to explain the views of the representatives of each country . They too, said Adrianus , not a decision maker in the country but only a diplomatic representation in the country carrying out their duties .

" The view that ( they ) are too general to say because they are not the decision makers but only representatives of the state , " he concluded .


Renewable Energy Potential untapped Optimal

Utilization of renewable energy sources becomes an important issue in order to anticipate the electricity crisis in the future . It is associated with many potential still untapped energy in support of national energy needs .

Electrical energy expert Diponegoro University ( UNDIP ) , Hermawan said one potential source of energy is solar energy .
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Lecturer Department of Electrical Engineering , Faculty of Engineering , added that the potential of solar energy to be optimized in terms of adding capacity for electricity supply in Indonesia . " Because Indonesia is in the region of the equator , which is getting quite a lot of sun exposure , " he said on Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .

Solar energy in the country, he said , very roduksi photovoltaic power models in order to increase the capacity of national power .

Actually , said Hermawan , photovoltaic utilization is set in the Regulation of the Board of Directors of PT PLN , but its applications are many obstacles . For one thing, photovoltaic components are still imported from abroad , and thus the cost to make it is still expensive .

" Many of the benefits of using solar power , which reduces electricity consumption from PLN and can reduce the temperature in the room , " he said .

Related to this , they said Hermawan , the government needs to do now is to encourage the growth of industry fotovoltoik . So this means the cost of solar energy utilization can be cheap . " Hopes , solar energy utilization can be optimized , " he added .

Previous growth in electricity consumption per year in Central Java continues to increase to 10 percent . If it is not offset by the manufacture or creation of a new generation of renewable energy , in Central Java in 2017 electricity crisis that has the potential to rolling blackouts .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

PNS Toll Police Killed in Hit-Run Victim Allegedly Jatiwarna

Police are still steeped in the discovery of the bodies of female uniformed civil servants at the Jakarta Police Toll Jatiwarna, Bekasi.

According to the Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police, Sr. Comr Rikwanto, there is the possibility of hit-and-run victim died as a result.
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"Since most foot wounds in the victim also suffered a broken leg," said Rikwanto, Saturday (04/25/2014).

The police, he added, also ensure that the victim is a civil servant (PNS) Medical Science and Health (Biddokkes) on behalf of the City Police Natalia Pian Gultom.

"Just a regular civil servant, not the police," he said.

The bodies of women were found in the uniformed civil servants KM 37 toll road Jatiwarna, Pondok Gede, Bekasi, West Java, Saturday (26/4) morning.

The victim was found by scavengers who were passing, using full uniforms.

The victim was found without identity. With him, just found a wallet and cell phone. The investigation was the discovery of the victim's body is handled by the Police Bekasi City.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Xiaomi Tablet Challenge iPad Mini with USD 1.8 Million

Xiaomi Tablet Challenge iPad Mini with USD 1.8 Million
Xiaomi , gadget manufacturers from China are often to be the talk , do not want to be a champion . Unmitigated , Xiaomi will be launched to challenge the iPad Mini Retina Display .

Reportedly , Xiaomi has been in talks with Intel and Nvidia related to the development of the garapannya tablet .
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One of them is called will be chosen to immerse processor Xiaomi besutannya in premium tablets from vendors that are often referred to as the ' Apple of China ' is.

To span the screen , the tablet will reportedly carry Xiaomi 7.85 inch size . Resolution was blasted with the Retina Display iPad Mini 2048x1536 pixels .

As quoted from Ubergizmo , Friday ( 25/04/2014 ) , based on information obtained from the research agency based in Taipei , Taiwan is involved in the development of the tablet , the tablet Xiaomi possibility had to be announced around the second or third quarter of this year .

No less interesting is its price tag . With specifications that will be head-to -head with the iPad Mini Retina Display , supposedly Xiaomi tablet will be offered in the range of USD 160 or about USD 1.8 million .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Islamic Party and the Nationalist Party Suggested Path Singly

Political observers of Indonesian voters Institute ( LPI ) Boni Hargens judge , Muslim-based political parties and nationalist parties should walk alone . The reason , he said , in terms of ideology they already have a different view .

" The 2014 model should be based coalition ideology and program similarity . So Islamic party against the middle or nationalist parties , " Boni said in a discussion in Cikini , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .

By splitting the Islamist party and a nationalist party , according to Boni , will be seen a clear division scheme . The result , he added , there will be no ideological intersection between the two sides .

" Politics must be split ideologically so that we can see clearly . Example , is it really going to be accepted by society Islamic parties . If Islam wins , the country can be arranged based on the ideology of Islam , but still with based on Pancasila , " he said .

However , according to Boni , separation Islamic party with a nationalist party is still going to be difficult to materialize . Because the force between Islamic parties and nationalist parties tend to be unbalanced . Nationalist parties still get significant noise , so that the Islamic parties that have a weak voice eventually tend to join the nationalist parties .
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" Four winners yesterday's legislative elections there in the middle of the party . PDI - P , Golkar , Gerindra , Democrats , followed by the Islamic party , which is CBA . So can the Islamic party is making their own way and make the current mainstream ? I think it is still difficult to materialize , " Boni said .


This afternoon Prabowo When critics , Agum Gumelar

This afternoon Prabowo When critics , Agum Gumelar
Head of the Board of the presidential candidate of the Party once Gerindra , Prabowo Subianto , are scheduled to meet former Coordinating Minister for Political , Legal and Security Agum Gumelar in the office Chamber of the Central Association of Indonesian Armed Forces retiree ( Pepabri ) , Jakarta , Tuesday, April 22, 2014 .

Based on the information obtained Tempo, gathering Prabowo and former senior military was going to start at 16:00 hrs . Penggagas this meeting is the former Chief of General Staff Headquarters Lentan TNI General ( Ret. ) Johannes Suryo Wibowo . Agum known as Prabowo critics regard the human rights violations in 1998 .
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Earlier, hundreds of military and police retiree in Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta , on 27 March 2014 expressed support for Prabowo as a presidential candidate . They claim about 80 former generals , former field officer 300 , and 400 former soldiers . " So, there are a thousand total retiree , " said Johannes Ario .

In addition to the retiree for support , Prabowo bergerilya also seek support for his candidacy to a number of Kiai . Last Sunday, with the president of Partai Development Association ( PPP ) Suryadharma Ali , Prabowo see him glazes party MAIMUN Zubair Kaaba in Rembang , Central Java. During the meeting, expressed its support for the nomination MAIMUN Prabowo .


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Simple Note About Candidates We

Then became the first elections for our eldest . He belonged to a group that is lucky because so accept ID cards , directly in the same year , could use their voting rights . There are questions that piqued when he began to enter the selection area .

" Mother , I have to choose who? "
A very reasonable question for voters . But more tickle me - which is precisely been repeatedly pick - got confused , do not know what to say .

I carefully name of candidates one by one , almost none of which I know . Almost no candidate has seen prominently real contribution in society . At least as a layman , I have absolutely no idea what most of their contribution .

So what makes the candidates were so confident to be representative of the people ahead of their own despite not figure that proved a significant role in society ?
Ah , but somehow I still have to choose .

I tried calling a few friends and relatives who can be trusted to give consideration , and bismilah I chose . So is the eldest . Choosing the best of all options. Or rather than sober choice .

Question eldest strengthen my thinking is still often wonder to myself , if the democratic system that we apply today have been correct . Not my intention to not be grateful for the ongoing ELECTION peaceful and non-violent . But it does not hurt to continue to evaluate a variety of things related , including whether the current political system is already the best .

Why are so many people who have contributed to the lazy people enter politics , but instead people who have no or only a few actually contribute outstanding industrious plunge in world figure politik.Begitu many achievements trail gait and vivid in the news and media , known wider community , but do not enter politics .

Instead entirely unknown , placing a large poster of his face on the streets of strategic replaced periodically . Sometimes wearing the dress , sometimes wearing formal attire , some even wearing a ball , until his name ringing in his head , even though still not known .

Our youngest , Adam even had time to throw a humorous comment about the election .
After we got home from the ballot box , he asked enthusiastically , " Mother Father did not choose THAT ? "
Called a candidate 's initials and the name is clearly displayed posters in one of the strategic junction that almost every day we pass. Incidentally the candidate 's face resemble one of the staff in the office so it is always a subject of ridicule . But for Adam finally ITU names so familiar to the father thought the mother will choose the candidates . Capital whereas the candidate that looks ' just ' posters and rental of advertising space at strategic places . Strange .

I believe there still is not right and needs to be addressed in the application of democracy in Indonesia . Either the system . Either political . I think democracy has the right quality if the figures forward as candidates and people have the option to choose the best candidate from the great people there . Not forced or even ' forced ' to give choice of many candidates who appear suddenly and there are in order just to meet the quota , or because he has money .

A friend gave unusual ideas . " Imagine , with the current system , a national figure who is widely known by all the people of Indonesia , can not necessarily be elected ! " he says .
" How so ? " I asked . " Yes , if elected nationally there may be hundreds of thousands of voters . But if to sit in the legislature , he should be selected in certain areas there are probably only a few people would choose it . Problem is the voters who believe the figure is spread evenly and is not concentrated in one area . With so may be he defeated the top people in a particular region of the national contribution is not really nothing . fact , for the election of the House. "
" Solution?" I asked, more curious .

" Change the selection of members of the House not by region but by the national territory so we can select candidates from any area of the House of Representatives . " he replied.
Not a bad idea , I thought . Anyway to represent the existing area of the DPD . So the House should be chosen based on a national not regional anymore .
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In my opinion , there should be revamping the electoral system so as to enable the best figures advanced into the people's representatives . Hopefully this can be thought of PR officials and our nation's next five years .


Allergies Can Be Disruptive Growth

Cow's milk protein allergy becomes a common condition experienced by the children in the first six months of age. When the child's immune system considers the proteins in cow's milk as a hazardous substance, the body will react refused.

"Allergies are generally the children who do have talent and atopic allergy usually genetically inherited. If parents have allergies then there is a 50 percent likelihood of the child is also allergic. Was a rejection of the body," said Chairman of the Division of Allergy Immunology Section of Child Health, Faculty of Medicine UI, RSCM, dr. Zakiudin Munasir, SpA (K) in the event Nutritalk Sarihusada, written on Saturday (19/04/2014).
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Symptoms most often appear in children who develop cow's milk protein allergy by Zaki is the presence of vomiting, diarrhea, blood in stools, shortness of breath as well as skin problems such as red bumps or filled with fluid.

Allergies, according to child development experts dr. Bernie Endryani Medise, Sp.A (K) can influence the development of the child.
"Children with food allergies often experience impaired growth associated with the intake of foods such as weight and height are difficult to grow. This happens due to lack of nutrition. If it was an allergy to a food, for example yes replace with other foods nutritional content equal," said dr. Bernie.

Adequate nutrition can help overcome the problem of child development. "We believe that every child is entitled to grow and develop with the support of proper nutrition and balanced. Especially in the first 1,000 days of life," said Head of Corporate Affairs Sarihusada, Arif Mujahideen.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Ready to Launch BlackBerry Solution Health Care

Canadian handset vendor , BlackBerry , make announcements related to it that have invested in a health care IT company named NantHealth .

With the investment BlackBerry intend to collaborate for the development of HIPAA and other privacy certified government agencies , an integrated clinical system that changes the way medical care delivery . NantHealth as a provider of cloud - based medical IT ( cloud - based) change the way health care delivery to the buyer , the company provider and patient through direct connectivity ( real-time ) , high- performance computing and advanced decision support 21st century .

" Investment and collaboration is planned in accordance with a comprehensive solution ( end-to -end ) BlackBerry is a reliable , secure and flexible - ranging from embedded QNX operating system that runs the complex medical devices , secure cloud -based network ( cloud ) , as well as real-time information sharing Protected through BBM , "said John Chen as BlackBerry CEO and Executive Chair .

" NantHealth is a proven innovator who developed the leading platform that allows medical professionals to share information and provide care efficiently . BlackBerry capabilities aligned with NantHealth and modern investment opportunity that illustrates important for our future , " he continued .

Founded by medical entrepreneur Dr . Patrick Soon - Shiong , NantHealth clinical work to transform the delivery of actionable clinical intelligence at the time of taking a decision , allowing medical discovery through machine learning system directly ( real-time ) . NantHealth platform has been downloaded by approximately 250 hospitals , and connects more than 16,000 medical device and collected more than 3 million vital signs every year .

" BlackBerry is very important skill for platform expansion NantHealth remember what we did and make it available for wider dissemination through mobile devices are secure , " said Soon - Shiong , as the founder and pioneer NantHealth for treatments for diabetes and cancer .

" The future of the healthcare industry requires the ability to secure and disseminate information quickly , either from device - to - device (device - to- device) and from doctor - to - doctor (doctor -to -doctor ) anywhere and anytime . The potential integration of BlackBerry mobile communications secure , equipped with embedded QNX technology , will provide supercomputer capability in the hands of nurses . Provide actionable information anywhere that would significantly improve the efficiency of care and , most importantly , the appropriateness of treatment for patients , " he said again .

Details of the collaboration are still in the process of development , but Chen and Soon - Shiong said that they saw a significant opportunity because :
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QNX operating system created as a direct ( real-time ) for mission - critical medical diagnostic devices and the management of hospital and nursing home environment ( homecare ) ;
Protected fuel is safe communication platforms that connect healthcare providers , employees , emergency services field , the patient and family ;
NantHealth 's Clinical Platform Operating System ( COS ) is the first operating system to health . This platform integrates a knowledge base with the delivery system and payment system , allowing sophisticated coordinated care at an affordable price ;
NantHealth and BlackBerry combines a cloud -based supercomputer services ( cloud ) which is secure in providing data integration , decision support and analytics ;
The BlackBerry device is a global standard for secure communication and collaboration .
" BlackBerry 's future depends on creative opportunities like this that take a lot of important corporate values ​​and discipline and combine in different ways and can not be matched by others , " Chen said .

" Health is one of the important industries where BlackBerry has unique benefits and investment illustrates our commitment to maximize the chance of BlackBerry , " he concluded .

What is the value of the investment to be launched BlackBerry NantHealth , unfortunately no further disclosed


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Residents Killed attacked seizure Because Of Water

Villagers Awiu , Kolaka East , Southeast Sulawesi initials R , beaten killed his neighbor after a scramble for the distribution of water flow through the rice fields .

Police Public Relations Kolaka , AKP Nazaruddin , in Kolaka on Thursday , said the two actors is a child and the father is now in RS Benjamin Guluh to get treatment because some part of her body hurt.

" Early happened victims initials R would sow seeds in his paddy field , but the usual water flow through the dry paddy fields as closed by child actors , " he said .

The victim , he continued , eventually approached the offender and asked that the door be opened so that the water dispute . The victim was attacked by actors that died at the scene . ( 56 ) , " he said .

Both actors charged Article 170 paragraph 2 and 3 who do violence together and a maximum penalty of 12 years in prison .

" They will also be subject to Article 338 of the intentionally taking the life of others and amcaman sentence of 15 years in prison , " said Rudi.

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Now both suspects are still in the hospital intensive care pihah wounds in the head and hand .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New York Police Monitor Daily Living Muslims

A special unit of the police in New York or New York Police Department ( NYDP ) which sparked controversy because it monitors the daily life of Muslims in an attempt to detect the threat of terror has been dissolved , police officials said on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) . NYPD spokesman , Stephen Davis , asserted that the detectives assigned to the unit have been transferred to other duties in the Intelligence Division of the department.

A periodic review of the division by the new police commissioner , William Bratton , found that the same information was collected units can be better collected through direct contact with community groups , the officials said .

In a statement , Mayor of New York , Bill de Blasio , who came from the Democratic Party , called the decision " an important step forward in easing tensions between police and the communities they serve , so that the police and citizens we can help each other to pursue the people who really nasty . "

Demographics Unit , which was formed with the help of a CIA agent who is working with the NYPD , create databases of where Muslims live , shop , work and pray . The plainclothes officers infiltrated Muslim student groups , put informants in mosques , monitoring sermons and the names of Muslims in New York who has been using a new family names are customized with the names of Americans .

After a series of reports by the Associated Press ( AP ), which details the extent of the NYPD monitoring of Muslims , two lawsuits related to civil rights has been filed against the value of the activity unconstitutional because it focuses on religion , country of origin and racial citizens .

Former Police Commissioner , Ray Kelly , defended the monitoring tactics . He said officers look at the legal guidelines while trying to create an early warning system for terrorism . However, in an evaluation that was announced in 2012 , an NYPD chief testified that the unit of work has not been generates leads or information that sparked terrorism investigations in the previous six years .

Linda Sarsour , Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York , said he was among a group of people last week seeking a meeting with a number of police officers in which the department 's new intelligence chief , John Miller , the first to show that the unit , which was renamed into zones Assessment Unit , is unfeasible . Sarsour praised the decision but said there are still concerns related to police use of informants to infiltrate mosques without any specific evidence of a crime .

" It is certainly a part of the big puzzle that we're trying to dismantle, " said Sarsour .

Other people at the meeting , Fahd Ahmed , Director of Law and Policy Desis Rising Up and Moving , called the decision " a small step . " He questioned what happens to the information that has been gathered that unit . "The concern is not only the fact that the data was collected secretly , but also on the fact that the data was collected , " he said .

In Washington , 34 members of Congress have demanded a federal investigation of the actions of the NYPD . Attorney General Eric Holder said he was disturbed by the reports of the operation , and the Justice Department said it is reviewing a number of complaints reported Muslims and their supporters .
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AP reports also have triggered an investigation by the inspector general of the CIA . Internal investigation concluded that the CIA , which is prohibited from spying domestically , not breaking the law , but blasted the agency for allowing the officers assigned to the NYPD to operate without adequate oversight .


Top Class Drops Half Property, Market Slide to Medium Type

Indonesia Property Watch ( IPW ) states the general housing market declined by an average of 49 percent of the transaction value . However , according to an analysis done , a shift in the market , especially from the upper middle segment to the middle segment .

Quoted from a statement Wednesday, April 16, 2014 , the Executive Director of the IPW , Ali Tranghanda , say , based on the composition of the existing sales , is expected to occur over the market shifts that occurred in the quarter I/2014 to the middle segment .

Compared to last year , a relatively high market segment ranges from 30 percent of the total value of the transaction , but declined rapidly in early 2014 to 15 percent . On the other hand , the composition of the middle segment increased from 30 percent to 40 percent .
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He estimated that the trend will continue given the value of the land which is already too high , even for intermediate housing built above .

" Most of the high developers are more interested in building a vertical residential or commercial sectors with high value of land already , " said Ali .

Furthermore, Ali explained , in a down market segments , the developer is still pegged to the price of a standard home facilities subsidized unadjusted .

He explained , many low-cost housing developers are pursuing a strategy of building construction with lower specifications in order to remain affordable to consumers' purchasing power .

Meanwhile , he added , some chose to try and leave in the middle segment of government subsidized housing programs .

He added that this market shift to be addressed by the developer to begin creating the types of homes in the middle segment with broad resizing .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Hatta Will Hindered because the status of Besan Vice President SBY

JAKARTA - The results of the quick count ( quick count ) in the 2014 legislative elections addressing no political party which reached 20 percent of the valid votes nationwide , or at least have 25 seats in parliament . That is, all parties should form a coalition in order to carry the presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate .

So also conducted camps that encourage Hatta Rajasa Chairman of the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) was to be coupled with political opponents , such as Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) . But the figure will tackle Jokowi Hatta assessed .
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Senior Researcher Public Indonesian Institute ( IPI ) Karyono Wibowo , PDIP will consider to accept Hatta as vice companion Jokowi . That's because , Hatta is a relative of the Chairman of the Democratic Party Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) .

" Hatta was besan SBY , we know the relationship between Megawati and SBY has not been fully liquid , I think that the obstacles . Hatta also part of the SBY - Boediono were assessed most of the public is less satisfactory in its performance . Clear public will perceive the figure as a representation of the family Hatta Cikeas , "said Karyono .

In addition , issues related to the alleged involvement of Hatta Rajasa corruption in the Ministry of Transportation is still embedded in the public mind . It will make the public feel free to select it .

Explained Karyono , PDIP certainly have consideration and calculate the pluses and minuses when it receives Jokowi Hatta as his running mate .

PDIP will consider several aspects before making a decent figure who accompanies Jokowi , namely aspects of electability , personal integrity , personal capacity , chemistri , logistics capabilities and the ability to finance a campaign to lobby in order to influence political decisions and influencing the dynamics among the political parties in parliament .

" So far I have observed , Hatta camp maneuvers to be his running mate Jokowi has not received a positive response , however, does not mean coalition PDIP closing opportunities with PAN . Opportunities coalition was still open , but if the coalition was asked Hatta as vice paired with Jokowi , I do not think so PDIP and Jokowi certainly willing to accept , " he said .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

SBY chirp for Victory Simon Santoso

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) via his twitter account @ SBYudhoyono congratulate and flatter men's singles badminton athletes play Indonesian Simon Santoso who won the Singapore Open when she upset world number one Lee Chong Wei .

" We are grateful to Simon Santoso Singapore Open champion . Through my TV to watch the game is finished , " the first kicaun President SBY marked * are * , Sunday ( 13/4 ) night . * Sign * Yudhoyono President Yudhoyono himself means that uploading the booms .

In the next chirp , President mengatan , " Simon game is amazing, to be able to beat the World Champion No. 1 Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia . Simon wins hands down . "
Simon overcome world number one Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia in straight sets 21-15 , 21-10 .

The president added , " I also had a talk with Simon after the game , a sense of nation and we thank you all . Congratulations heroes . "

In booms president also appreciated the Indonesian mixed doubles success that has won gold and silver in the games ' final all Indonesians ' that was held previously , the pair Tontowi Ahmad / Natsir Liliyana against Riky Widianto / Puspita Richi Dili .
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Pair Tontowi Ahmad / Natsir Liliyana beat pair Riky Widianto / Puspita Richi Dili 21-15 , 22-20 . " We also won gold and silver in mixed doubles ( all Indonesians ) . Awakening Indonesian badminton is getting stronger , " SBY chirping .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Investors Expect There Dominant Party

Results of the General Election ( Election ) version of fast computation and media institutions have been announced . From these results look no dominant Parta scooped voice of the people .

Debt Management Office , Ministry of Finance Robert Pakpahan said , market participants expect the stock since the beginning there was one dominant party in the voting results .
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These interim results , according to him which led to the Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) since opening this morning until this afternoon closing weakened significantly.

" Perhaps the market was expecting a dominant party , " Robert said when met at his office , Jakarta , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 )

According to him , when one party dominant win policy determination would be easy to do , because it will be the dominant member of the legislature of one party alone .

"If the dominant so much easier to make decisions . While for now it should be a coalition , " he explained .

Even so , he still hoped the impact is only temporary . "I do not know an easy - mudahanan I see it is temporary economic fundamentals do not change just so ya market reaction . Maybe it was just a moment , " he concluded .

As is known , at the opening of trading stock index opened sharply lower this morning 100.98 points or 2.1 percent to 4,820,41 . At the close of trading today, the index closed down 164.38 points, or 3.34 percent, to 4757.01 .


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Anonymous shed hundreds joint attack Israeli websites

In accordance with what has been planned some time before, finally , the hacktivist group calling itself Anonymous launched cyber attacks on Israeli territory .

By using a special hashtag is # OpIsrael , Anonymous groups from various countries , are not immune from Indonesia managed to garner a large enough force .

Quoted from RT ( 06 / 04 ) , starting from the attack early Monday has shed hundreds of government websites and Israeli organizations .

In a video uploaded to YouTube , the Anonymous said , " On April 7, 2014 , we are all brothers and sisters calling for attacks ranging from hacking , defacing , hijacking , disclosure database , admin takeover until the bombardment by the DNS to the Internet territory Israel . "

They also say that this must be done because they think Israel is the real enemy that acted arbitrarily against the Palestinians , especially in Gaza .
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Anonymous parties also upload a tweet on Twitter that the attack will not stop until Palestine is liberated completely from the action of the cursed Israel .

Their actions are then published in many wesbite like Pastebin , Facebook , Twitter to a special blog .