Saturday, April 19, 2014

Allergies Can Be Disruptive Growth

Cow's milk protein allergy becomes a common condition experienced by the children in the first six months of age. When the child's immune system considers the proteins in cow's milk as a hazardous substance, the body will react refused.

"Allergies are generally the children who do have talent and atopic allergy usually genetically inherited. If parents have allergies then there is a 50 percent likelihood of the child is also allergic. Was a rejection of the body," said Chairman of the Division of Allergy Immunology Section of Child Health, Faculty of Medicine UI, RSCM, dr. Zakiudin Munasir, SpA (K) in the event Nutritalk Sarihusada, written on Saturday (19/04/2014).
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Symptoms most often appear in children who develop cow's milk protein allergy by Zaki is the presence of vomiting, diarrhea, blood in stools, shortness of breath as well as skin problems such as red bumps or filled with fluid.

Allergies, according to child development experts dr. Bernie Endryani Medise, Sp.A (K) can influence the development of the child.
"Children with food allergies often experience impaired growth associated with the intake of foods such as weight and height are difficult to grow. This happens due to lack of nutrition. If it was an allergy to a food, for example yes replace with other foods nutritional content equal," said dr. Bernie.

Adequate nutrition can help overcome the problem of child development. "We believe that every child is entitled to grow and develop with the support of proper nutrition and balanced. Especially in the first 1,000 days of life," said Head of Corporate Affairs Sarihusada, Arif Mujahideen.


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