Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Renewable Energy Potential untapped Optimal

Utilization of renewable energy sources becomes an important issue in order to anticipate the electricity crisis in the future . It is associated with many potential still untapped energy in support of national energy needs .

Electrical energy expert Diponegoro University ( UNDIP ) , Hermawan said one potential source of energy is solar energy .
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Lecturer Department of Electrical Engineering , Faculty of Engineering , added that the potential of solar energy to be optimized in terms of adding capacity for electricity supply in Indonesia . " Because Indonesia is in the region of the equator , which is getting quite a lot of sun exposure , " he said on Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .

Solar energy in the country, he said , very roduksi photovoltaic power models in order to increase the capacity of national power .

Actually , said Hermawan , photovoltaic utilization is set in the Regulation of the Board of Directors of PT PLN , but its applications are many obstacles . For one thing, photovoltaic components are still imported from abroad , and thus the cost to make it is still expensive .

" Many of the benefits of using solar power , which reduces electricity consumption from PLN and can reduce the temperature in the room , " he said .

Related to this , they said Hermawan , the government needs to do now is to encourage the growth of industry fotovoltoik . So this means the cost of solar energy utilization can be cheap . " Hopes , solar energy utilization can be optimized , " he added .

Previous growth in electricity consumption per year in Central Java continues to increase to 10 percent . If it is not offset by the manufacture or creation of a new generation of renewable energy , in Central Java in 2017 electricity crisis that has the potential to rolling blackouts .


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