Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Anonymous shed hundreds joint attack Israeli websites

In accordance with what has been planned some time before, finally , the hacktivist group calling itself Anonymous launched cyber attacks on Israeli territory .

By using a special hashtag is # OpIsrael , Anonymous groups from various countries , are not immune from Indonesia managed to garner a large enough force .

Quoted from RT ( 06 / 04 ) , starting from the attack early Monday has shed hundreds of government websites and Israeli organizations .

In a video uploaded to YouTube , the Anonymous said , " On April 7, 2014 , we are all brothers and sisters calling for attacks ranging from hacking , defacing , hijacking , disclosure database , admin takeover until the bombardment by the DNS to the Internet territory Israel . "

They also say that this must be done because they think Israel is the real enemy that acted arbitrarily against the Palestinians , especially in Gaza .
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Anonymous parties also upload a tweet on Twitter that the attack will not stop until Palestine is liberated completely from the action of the cursed Israel .

Their actions are then published in many wesbite like Pastebin , Facebook , Twitter to a special blog .


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