Thursday, April 10, 2014

Investors Expect There Dominant Party

Results of the General Election ( Election ) version of fast computation and media institutions have been announced . From these results look no dominant Parta scooped voice of the people .

Debt Management Office , Ministry of Finance Robert Pakpahan said , market participants expect the stock since the beginning there was one dominant party in the voting results .
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These interim results , according to him which led to the Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) since opening this morning until this afternoon closing weakened significantly.

" Perhaps the market was expecting a dominant party , " Robert said when met at his office , Jakarta , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 )

According to him , when one party dominant win policy determination would be easy to do , because it will be the dominant member of the legislature of one party alone .

"If the dominant so much easier to make decisions . While for now it should be a coalition , " he explained .

Even so , he still hoped the impact is only temporary . "I do not know an easy - mudahanan I see it is temporary economic fundamentals do not change just so ya market reaction . Maybe it was just a moment , " he concluded .

As is known , at the opening of trading stock index opened sharply lower this morning 100.98 points or 2.1 percent to 4,820,41 . At the close of trading today, the index closed down 164.38 points, or 3.34 percent, to 4757.01 .


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