Friday, April 25, 2014

Xiaomi Tablet Challenge iPad Mini with USD 1.8 Million

Xiaomi Tablet Challenge iPad Mini with USD 1.8 Million
Xiaomi , gadget manufacturers from China are often to be the talk , do not want to be a champion . Unmitigated , Xiaomi will be launched to challenge the iPad Mini Retina Display .

Reportedly , Xiaomi has been in talks with Intel and Nvidia related to the development of the garapannya tablet .
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One of them is called will be chosen to immerse processor Xiaomi besutannya in premium tablets from vendors that are often referred to as the ' Apple of China ' is.

To span the screen , the tablet will reportedly carry Xiaomi 7.85 inch size . Resolution was blasted with the Retina Display iPad Mini 2048x1536 pixels .

As quoted from Ubergizmo , Friday ( 25/04/2014 ) , based on information obtained from the research agency based in Taipei , Taiwan is involved in the development of the tablet , the tablet Xiaomi possibility had to be announced around the second or third quarter of this year .

No less interesting is its price tag . With specifications that will be head-to -head with the iPad Mini Retina Display , supposedly Xiaomi tablet will be offered in the range of USD 160 or about USD 1.8 million .

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