Thursday, April 17, 2014

Residents Killed attacked seizure Because Of Water

Villagers Awiu , Kolaka East , Southeast Sulawesi initials R , beaten killed his neighbor after a scramble for the distribution of water flow through the rice fields .

Police Public Relations Kolaka , AKP Nazaruddin , in Kolaka on Thursday , said the two actors is a child and the father is now in RS Benjamin Guluh to get treatment because some part of her body hurt.

" Early happened victims initials R would sow seeds in his paddy field , but the usual water flow through the dry paddy fields as closed by child actors , " he said .

The victim , he continued , eventually approached the offender and asked that the door be opened so that the water dispute . The victim was attacked by actors that died at the scene . ( 56 ) , " he said .

Both actors charged Article 170 paragraph 2 and 3 who do violence together and a maximum penalty of 12 years in prison .

" They will also be subject to Article 338 of the intentionally taking the life of others and amcaman sentence of 15 years in prison , " said Rudi.

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Now both suspects are still in the hospital intensive care pihah wounds in the head and hand .


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