Saturday, April 26, 2014

PNS Toll Police Killed in Hit-Run Victim Allegedly Jatiwarna

Police are still steeped in the discovery of the bodies of female uniformed civil servants at the Jakarta Police Toll Jatiwarna, Bekasi.

According to the Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police, Sr. Comr Rikwanto, there is the possibility of hit-and-run victim died as a result.
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"Since most foot wounds in the victim also suffered a broken leg," said Rikwanto, Saturday (04/25/2014).

The police, he added, also ensure that the victim is a civil servant (PNS) Medical Science and Health (Biddokkes) on behalf of the City Police Natalia Pian Gultom.

"Just a regular civil servant, not the police," he said.

The bodies of women were found in the uniformed civil servants KM 37 toll road Jatiwarna, Pondok Gede, Bekasi, West Java, Saturday (26/4) morning.

The victim was found by scavengers who were passing, using full uniforms.

The victim was found without identity. With him, just found a wallet and cell phone. The investigation was the discovery of the victim's body is handled by the Police Bekasi City.


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