Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New York Police Monitor Daily Living Muslims

A special unit of the police in New York or New York Police Department ( NYDP ) which sparked controversy because it monitors the daily life of Muslims in an attempt to detect the threat of terror has been dissolved , police officials said on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) . NYPD spokesman , Stephen Davis , asserted that the detectives assigned to the unit have been transferred to other duties in the Intelligence Division of the department.

A periodic review of the division by the new police commissioner , William Bratton , found that the same information was collected units can be better collected through direct contact with community groups , the officials said .

In a statement , Mayor of New York , Bill de Blasio , who came from the Democratic Party , called the decision " an important step forward in easing tensions between police and the communities they serve , so that the police and citizens we can help each other to pursue the people who really nasty . "

Demographics Unit , which was formed with the help of a CIA agent who is working with the NYPD , create databases of where Muslims live , shop , work and pray . The plainclothes officers infiltrated Muslim student groups , put informants in mosques , monitoring sermons and the names of Muslims in New York who has been using a new family names are customized with the names of Americans .

After a series of reports by the Associated Press ( AP ), which details the extent of the NYPD monitoring of Muslims , two lawsuits related to civil rights has been filed against the value of the activity unconstitutional because it focuses on religion , country of origin and racial citizens .

Former Police Commissioner , Ray Kelly , defended the monitoring tactics . He said officers look at the legal guidelines while trying to create an early warning system for terrorism . However, in an evaluation that was announced in 2012 , an NYPD chief testified that the unit of work has not been generates leads or information that sparked terrorism investigations in the previous six years .

Linda Sarsour , Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York , said he was among a group of people last week seeking a meeting with a number of police officers in which the department 's new intelligence chief , John Miller , the first to show that the unit , which was renamed into zones Assessment Unit , is unfeasible . Sarsour praised the decision but said there are still concerns related to police use of informants to infiltrate mosques without any specific evidence of a crime .

" It is certainly a part of the big puzzle that we're trying to dismantle, " said Sarsour .

Other people at the meeting , Fahd Ahmed , Director of Law and Policy Desis Rising Up and Moving , called the decision " a small step . " He questioned what happens to the information that has been gathered that unit . "The concern is not only the fact that the data was collected secretly , but also on the fact that the data was collected , " he said .

In Washington , 34 members of Congress have demanded a federal investigation of the actions of the NYPD . Attorney General Eric Holder said he was disturbed by the reports of the operation , and the Justice Department said it is reviewing a number of complaints reported Muslims and their supporters .
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AP reports also have triggered an investigation by the inspector general of the CIA . Internal investigation concluded that the CIA , which is prohibited from spying domestically , not breaking the law , but blasted the agency for allowing the officers assigned to the NYPD to operate without adequate oversight .


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