Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Islamic Party and the Nationalist Party Suggested Path Singly

Political observers of Indonesian voters Institute ( LPI ) Boni Hargens judge , Muslim-based political parties and nationalist parties should walk alone . The reason , he said , in terms of ideology they already have a different view .

" The 2014 model should be based coalition ideology and program similarity . So Islamic party against the middle or nationalist parties , " Boni said in a discussion in Cikini , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .

By splitting the Islamist party and a nationalist party , according to Boni , will be seen a clear division scheme . The result , he added , there will be no ideological intersection between the two sides .

" Politics must be split ideologically so that we can see clearly . Example , is it really going to be accepted by society Islamic parties . If Islam wins , the country can be arranged based on the ideology of Islam , but still with based on Pancasila , " he said .

However , according to Boni , separation Islamic party with a nationalist party is still going to be difficult to materialize . Because the force between Islamic parties and nationalist parties tend to be unbalanced . Nationalist parties still get significant noise , so that the Islamic parties that have a weak voice eventually tend to join the nationalist parties .
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" Four winners yesterday's legislative elections there in the middle of the party . PDI - P , Golkar , Gerindra , Democrats , followed by the Islamic party , which is CBA . So can the Islamic party is making their own way and make the current mainstream ? I think it is still difficult to materialize , " Boni said .


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