Saturday, April 19, 2014

Simple Note About Candidates We

Then became the first elections for our eldest . He belonged to a group that is lucky because so accept ID cards , directly in the same year , could use their voting rights . There are questions that piqued when he began to enter the selection area .

" Mother , I have to choose who? "
A very reasonable question for voters . But more tickle me - which is precisely been repeatedly pick - got confused , do not know what to say .

I carefully name of candidates one by one , almost none of which I know . Almost no candidate has seen prominently real contribution in society . At least as a layman , I have absolutely no idea what most of their contribution .

So what makes the candidates were so confident to be representative of the people ahead of their own despite not figure that proved a significant role in society ?
Ah , but somehow I still have to choose .

I tried calling a few friends and relatives who can be trusted to give consideration , and bismilah I chose . So is the eldest . Choosing the best of all options. Or rather than sober choice .

Question eldest strengthen my thinking is still often wonder to myself , if the democratic system that we apply today have been correct . Not my intention to not be grateful for the ongoing ELECTION peaceful and non-violent . But it does not hurt to continue to evaluate a variety of things related , including whether the current political system is already the best .

Why are so many people who have contributed to the lazy people enter politics , but instead people who have no or only a few actually contribute outstanding industrious plunge in world figure politik.Begitu many achievements trail gait and vivid in the news and media , known wider community , but do not enter politics .

Instead entirely unknown , placing a large poster of his face on the streets of strategic replaced periodically . Sometimes wearing the dress , sometimes wearing formal attire , some even wearing a ball , until his name ringing in his head , even though still not known .

Our youngest , Adam even had time to throw a humorous comment about the election .
After we got home from the ballot box , he asked enthusiastically , " Mother Father did not choose THAT ? "
Called a candidate 's initials and the name is clearly displayed posters in one of the strategic junction that almost every day we pass. Incidentally the candidate 's face resemble one of the staff in the office so it is always a subject of ridicule . But for Adam finally ITU names so familiar to the father thought the mother will choose the candidates . Capital whereas the candidate that looks ' just ' posters and rental of advertising space at strategic places . Strange .

I believe there still is not right and needs to be addressed in the application of democracy in Indonesia . Either the system . Either political . I think democracy has the right quality if the figures forward as candidates and people have the option to choose the best candidate from the great people there . Not forced or even ' forced ' to give choice of many candidates who appear suddenly and there are in order just to meet the quota , or because he has money .

A friend gave unusual ideas . " Imagine , with the current system , a national figure who is widely known by all the people of Indonesia , can not necessarily be elected ! " he says .
" How so ? " I asked . " Yes , if elected nationally there may be hundreds of thousands of voters . But if to sit in the legislature , he should be selected in certain areas there are probably only a few people would choose it . Problem is the voters who believe the figure is spread evenly and is not concentrated in one area . With so may be he defeated the top people in a particular region of the national contribution is not really nothing . fact , for the election of the House. "
" Solution?" I asked, more curious .

" Change the selection of members of the House not by region but by the national territory so we can select candidates from any area of the House of Representatives . " he replied.
Not a bad idea , I thought . Anyway to represent the existing area of the DPD . So the House should be chosen based on a national not regional anymore .
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In my opinion , there should be revamping the electoral system so as to enable the best figures advanced into the people's representatives . Hopefully this can be thought of PR officials and our nation's next five years .


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