Monday, March 31, 2014

Indonesian Primary Goal Cyber ​​Attacks

Trends in the use of mobile and internet in Indonesia , turned out to be a gap for hackers to make the world's number one target in the event of cyber attacks .

Only, this time is different attacks . When China attacked directly , Indonesia is only used as an intermediary in cyber attacks this time . This means that foreign hackers use IP address only Indonesian to attack elsewhere . (see also: situs download film gratis)

Yudi Mashudi Hamka , President Director of PT Dimension Data Indonesia says Indonesia is often positioned as the only bridge of cyber attacks are carried out by foreign hackers .

" It makes as if Indonesia made the attack . This incident is known as a botnet IP ( internet robot ) . It is important for corporates , including banks , " he said in a statement received Okezone , Monday ( 31/03/2014 ) .

According to company executives and service provider of IT infrastructure solutions operating in more than 50 countries , the increase in cyber threats that occurs because Internet users in Indonesia is still less educated .

Users underestimate the risk of cyber attacks by downloading things from the internet even less credible sources with various types of attacks lurk .

Targeting Banks
For corporates it is becoming important as banks, because this is an issue not only operational but has a reputation problem . Though the bank 's reputation is fundamental in building a business .

Generally banks in Indonesia already have the knowledge to equip them with the tools of network security such as firewalls , anti- virus , patch management , and others . However, the network security is not quite overcome by the use of any tools . Banks should have a process that could lead to auto turn off these tools .
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This process is also useful to detect new development and prevention of attacks . In addition , banks need to consider factors such as human resources or employee users . Often occurring mutation employees but not followed by a change in the employee access .


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