Friday, March 14, 2014

Almost 7 tons of smuggled pangolin

Tanjung Priok Customs foiled a smuggling container containing 7 tons of meat and pangolin scales to Vietnam . It is estimated that the country loses up to Rp 8 billion due to smuggling .
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Head of the Main Office of the Tanjung Priok Rahmat Subagyo , Thursday ( 26/05/2011 ) , said the case came to light after it found irregularities in the company containers SJBM which is located in Jakarta when examined with X-rays on Monday .

Although based on the shipping documents that the container was reported to contain frozen fish , after the container unloaded , found 309 cartons each containing 10 pangolin without scales , with a total weight of 7453.08 pounds or about 7.4 tons , and four cartons containing 64.6 kilograms of pangolin scales . The boxes are arranged behind a pile of 749 cartons of frozen fish weighing a total of 14.9 tons .

Rahmat said , pangolin meat and scales were expected to be traded in Asian markets . Each kilogram of meat that could reach 112 U.S. dollars per chip and scales can reach 1 U.S. dollar .

Furthermore, Grace said , the owner of PT SJBM as pangolin meat exporters were responsible for this case . The company can be charged under Law No. 5 of 1990 on Conservation of Natural Resources and Law No. 10 Year 1995 on Customs because the information contained in the document was a fake exports .
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Director of Conservation of the Ministry of Forestry Novianto Bambang said , smuggling pangolin meat that violates Indonesian biodiversity conservation . Therefore , the pangolin Manis javanica has the Latin name of this include the protected animals in the world and in the list of Appendix 1 or nearly extinct .


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