Friday, May 2, 2014

Surabaya City Declares For Literacy

Surabaya City Government declared the city of Surabaya as literacy in conjunction with the National Education Day and Day of the Autonomous Region in Solar Parks page on Friday .

Mayor of Surabaya , Tri Rismaharini , said the declaration is an expression of support for the theme of the Surabaya City Government Education Day 2014 the government brought " Civilisations Indonesia's Education for Excellence " .
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" Embodiment cities literacy also became part of my commitment to not only focus on building infrastructure , but also focus on the human development index in Surabaya , " he said .

According to him , over the past few years , Surabaya City Government has been encouraging children to diligently read in Surabaya by multiplying the library facilities and reading garden .

With a lot of reading , the children in Surabaya means have to equip themselves for the future and ready for a superior civilization .

" With a lot of reading , their curiosity will grow . From there it will eventually appear great creativity . Was that we push , " he said .

Appropriate experience reading garden where it turns impact on human development . Some children can be a champion and champions in other fields . Everything 's departure from the garden reading .


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