Tuesday, May 13, 2014

ICW: Abraham Samad Not Doubtful Integrity

Indonesian Corruption Watch ( ICW ) rate , the integrity of the Corruption Eradication Commission chairman Abraham Samad doubt . Abraham is considered as a clean leader because of its commitment in fighting corruption .

" He ( Abraham ) also had no past related to corruption , " said researcher ICW , Ade Irawan , in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) , as quoted by Reuters , addressing Abraham discourse become candidates for vice president Ricardo Widodo aka Jokowi .

Although Abraham is now public attention , Ade argues , quite the opposite Abraham contribute in terms of fighting corruption . However , when Abraham advanced to vice , he said it did not matter because every citizen has the right to elect and be elected by the law .
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Abraham 's presence is expected to eradicate corruption firmly if it will be the leader of the country . If that path is taken , Abraham had to resign from the leadership of the Commission .

Political observers UIN Syarif Hidayatullah , Khalis Ridho , expressed no problem for Abraham to serve the country anywhere. What's more , if positioned as vice president , he will be a maximum of eradicating corruption .

" The integrity he had no doubt , " he added .

Former KPK leaders , Haryono Umar , do not mind if Abraham forward as a candidate for vice president . In fact , he will assess the positive implications .

" I think it's great because it will bring a clean government . Thus , the incoming executive , can directly fix from the inside , " said Haryono .

He questioned the notion that Abraham became vice president , political contaminated Commission . " Commission has such a system , does not depend solely on the person , " he said .


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