Friday, May 2, 2014

Heightened state budget , Australia may rumahkan 15 thousand civil servants

The Australian Government seems to be laying off at least 15 thousand civil servants as part of efforts to save the state budget . Other sectors that will be affected include the tightening of family allowances , and other benefits .

Of the recommendations of the Audit Commission over the state budget revealed Australian , unemployment benefits , health , education , retirement , and disability will also be subject to withholding .

Audit Commission report released this week also recommend removal and merging government agencies , 73 agencies of the federal government's primary seven of which will be removed , 35 will be combined , and the other 22 will be consolidated into existing departments , and 9 will be privatized institutions . 26 other government agencies still require further assessment .
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Since its inception in October last year , the Audit Committee focuses on 15 sectors of the federal government 's largest expenditure .

1,200 pages in length report , the Audit Commission issued 86 recommendations to encourage a thorough restructuring of the way the government do its job. The Commission said the move would be able to save hundreds of trillions of dollars per year and expected state budget surplus of 1 percent would return in fiscal year 2023-24 .

According to the Audit Commission Chairman Tony Shepherd , the best move for the Australian government is to "act now " .

" We have to manage the people's tax money as if it was our own money , " he said , " We must spend it carefully ."
Prime Minister Tony Abbott Government Response to this recommendation will be seen in pengajukan upcoming Budget on 13 May .


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