Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This artisan Roving Indonesian Fried Rice-by Support Jokowi

Ibn Yusuf , a builder fried rice , proud and supportive Joko Widodo became a presidential candidate . As a form of support to the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle , he toured Indonesia with his motorcycle .

Ibn volunteer with PDI - P Jakarta. He said he did not get financial support from the PDI - P Bekasi . However , the money is there , he still start traveling around Indonesia .

" I had to submit a proposal through the DPC and DPP Bekasi City Center . However , the party funds already allocated for other things . It must be what 's more, the provisions of the party are like that . Sincere why I am doing this for Jokowi , " Ibnu said when contacted on Thursday ( 05.22.2014 ) .
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According to Ibn , he just wants to follow the likes Jokowi blusukan and merupak simple figure . " Jokowi blusukan , I've traveled around Indonesia , Jokowi simple person , I just do touring is armed with determination without adequate facilities . I just wanted to prove that the people are the owners of the republic, " he said .

PDI - P secretary Bekasi , Tumai , said highly appreciated Ibn action taken . He claimed to have communicated with the PDI - P center on this . However , because of the many programs that need to be done , the party has not been able to help financially . It only gives moral support and also help drive Ibn through the DPP and the DPC to be visited by Ibn throughout Indonesia .

" It is a touching thing and got appreciation from the PDI - P as a whole . Though not financially , we provide a certificate of road that will be used during the trip Ibn DPC or by visiting the DPP passed , " said Tumai .

Ibn started its journey since Sunday ( 05/18/2014 ) . He will roam 36 provinces in Indonesia and visit the PDI - P 's office in each province .

The route , after passing through Jakarta , Ibn towards Sumatra to Aceh . By using the sea route , Ibn will then head proceeded to Bangka and Borneo .

After Borneo , then Ibn exploring Sulawesi , Irian Jaya , Papua , Nusa Tenggara , Bali , back again to the island of Java . After that , he will return to the office of the PDI - P 's Central Jakarta .

Currently , he claimed to be in Palembang . The target, the entire trip will be taken within 60 days , with 46 days by land and sea lanes of 14 days .

On the way , Ibn will distribute leaflets asking all Indonesian people to help support Jokowi . To complete the journey , Ibn also ask for prayers for all Indonesian people .

" I beg your prayers , hopefully I can get home safely and successfully carrying Jokowi become the next president of Indonesia , " he said .


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